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Ishar Singh

Ishar Singh is a sophomore at the Middlesex County Academy for Allied health and Biomedical Sciences. He is interested in medicine and aspires to be a surgeon. He believes a noble profession is medicine because one is able to serve others selflessly. He is also interested in kirtan and plays tabla. He stays active as he is on the Monroe Township High School wrestling team. Ishar participates in many local community service activities and is applying to be a cadet on the EMT Squad. He always tries his best and does all that he can to help others. His community service project focuses on organizing annual 'Gift of Life' drives to help those in need.

Shaan Singh

Shaan is a sophomore at Monroe Township High School and enjoys traveling. He is working towards his second degree black belt in taekwondo. Shaan enjoys community service and has participated in many community drives; taught English to Syrian Refugees and has interned at the Sikh American Legal Defense and Education Fund
(SALDEF). He also worked at Mindspring Solutions, an accounting company for the past two years. The basis of his project is to educate seniors and the underserved community about taxes and allow them to ask questions that they might have from an experienced accounting professional.

Ria Singh

Ria is currently in 11th grade at Monroe Township High School. She has volunteered in Young Khalsa Girls to impact our community and has individually done community service projects as well. She wants to help bring awareness to individuals that have struggled because of their developmental disabilities. She realizes that certain individuals are targeted because of things that they can't control and would like to help others get their voices heard.

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