2019-2020 Scholars Program Participants:

  • Amy Torres | WWP South
  • Haley Dave | WWP North
  • Gina Mollica | Robbinsville
  • Annabell Su | WWP South
  • Erin Doran | Doane Academy
  • Jonathan Lin | Princeton

Virtual Graduation

Community Service Projects

  • Mental Health Webinars (Haley Dave / Amy Torres)
    Partnered with a fellow scholar and focused on the importance of destigmatizing and combating the negative connotations around mental health by creating a series of webinars to educate others.
  • Decrease Your Ecological Footprint (Gina Mollica)
    ‘Decrease Your Ecological Footprint’ is a web series on recent environmental successes and easy, money-saving ways to decrease one’s waste and pollution in our everyday lives.
  • Substance Abuse Support (Annabell Su)
    Engaged community to support those recovering from drug and alcohol addictions by collecting encouraging letters to be delivered to a local drug rehabilitation center.
  • Peer Tutoring Analytics (Jonathan Lin)
    Documented the adaptation of the school’s peer tutoring organization to accommodate for walk-in preferences addressing the current reality of remote learning thus, providing guidance to expand the reach of the school’s peer tutoring system.
  • Food Item Collection (Erin Doran)
    Partnered with high school administration to market and host a food drop-off bin for item collection for local food pantry.